Dear Alamance County High School Students,

The Alamance County Human Relations Commission (ACHRC) is offering one or more grants of up to $500 for public high school student group projects that improve human relations and address issues of injustice in our county. Project needs to be on-going and not limited to a single event.

We wish to support student groups who are working to promote better understanding and stronger human relations in Alamance. We hope to encourage involvement in our community and the work of the ACHRC, which was founded in 1962 to deal with racial tensions in our schools.

Students applying for the ACHRC grant must submit specific information about their planned project, its impacts, and its budget. The ACHRC is looking for projects that are local in focus and do one or more of the following:

a. Build unity among ethnic groups and defuse racial tensions.
b. Defend others against hate or violence
c. Promote a better understanding among people.
d. Work to resolve community problems
e. Highlight and problem solve around issues of injustice.
f. Establishing a Human Relations Council in your school.

2. Your grant project description must include the following:

(a) name of your project and group

(​b) name of supervising staff/faculty

(c) time frame for the project

(d) number of people involved​

​(e) problem statement​

(f) overall goal

(g) objectives

(h) activities to resolve the problem

(i) ways of sustaining the project

(j) itemized budget

​(k) proposed outcomes

3. A complete application. The applicants must submit to ACHRC the following items: application (below), grant project description [just above], two reference letters from teachers.

4. You will also be required to complete a mid-way update and a final report on your project. These can either be written or delivered orally to members of the Alamance County Human Relations Commission. The final report will include your honest assessment of outcomes and comments on what was learned doing the project.

Applications are due by March 1, 2019, and should be emailed to Vanessa Bravo, at Please direct any questions to Garry Wiley, 336-340-8752 or

Dr. Shirley Conyard
Human Relations Commission of Alamance County


Grant application 2018
Names of project leaders [printed]_____________________________________




Emails of project leaders______________________________________________


Email of faculty / staff advisor________________________________________

High School __________________________________________________________

Our application includes:

__________ Grant application [this sheet]

__________ Grant Project description

__________ Letter of recommendation from a teacher

__________ Letter of recommendation from person supervising project
Signed ___________________________           ________________________________

___________________________           ________________________________


Other initiatives

Through the years, the Alamance Human Relations Commission has worked in many initiatives to improve Alamance County. These have included, among others:

– Founding and advising student Human Relations Commissions

-Sponsoring scholarships for students doing positive work in human relations

-Sponsoring workshops on diversity, serving Latinos, conflict resolution, housing and employment discrimination, and more

-Working with the city and county law enforcement agencies for better community relations

-Hosting an annual Human Relations Awards Banquet to recognize those doing important community work


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